MSU Dairy Youth

Contest Preparation

Preparing for Michigan Youth Dairy Days

Step 1

Review the Michigan Youth Dairy Days Premium Book and decide in which contests and activities your group (and/or individuals) is interested in participating. Identify which youth will participate in each division (novice, junior and senior divisions) and collect any information needed to complete the registration forms.

Step 2

Complete and submit the registration forms found in the Michigan Youth Dairy Days Premium Book. Note the registration deadline to ensure that your registration form is received prior to the cutoff date.

Step 3

Schedule practice and review sessions for each contest or activity in which team members (and/or individuals) will be competing. There is no one right or wrong way to conduct practices, though many groups hold a minimum of one weekly practice session during the final month leading up to Dairy Days.

For showmanship and animal judging (youth show), individuals are encouraged to practice daily with his/her animal(s).


Consider inviting former members to help with practice sessions. These individuals can offer first-hand perspective with current members.


Resources and Study Guides

Are you a dairy youth member studying and practicing for Dairy Days? Are you a club leader, parent or volunteer helping a team prepare for competitions at Dairy Days? Are you looking for study guides and practice materials for a Dairy Days contest or activity?  Refer to each section below for samples of study materials and links to relevant resources specific to that contest or activity.


Dairy Cattle Judging

Dairy Management Contest

Dairy Quiz Bowl


Show Ring


Registering for Youth Dairy Days

Do you need to enter an individual or team for this year’s Dairy Days? Registration forms, in addition to rules and regulations for each contest and activity, a complete schedule of events and other relevant information, can be found in the Michigan Youth Dairy Days Premium Book and County Summary Sheet.