MSU Dairy Youth

Dairy Quiz Bowl

The Michigan Youth Dairy Quiz Bowl competition tests the dairy knowledge of youth teams. Teams are awarded points for correctly answered questions. Though the majority of questions will focus on dairy cattle health, a wide range of questions can be asked.

Three age divisions of contestants compete in the Dairy Quiz Bowl: novice (ages 9-11), junior (ages 11-14) and senior (ages 15-19).

Teams will compete in a series of one-on-one, quiz-off, double elimination contests until the top team
is chosen. Some teams may be awarded a bye during the elimination round as part of the assignment

Competition between teams will exist in two parts:

Part A: Each senior team will be asked eight true or false questions related to a specific dairy industry-related topic. Each novice and junior team will be asked four questions. Each team member, in rotation, will be asked to answer a question. Correct answers are worth two points, with no deduction given for incorrect answers. 

Part B: A total of 14 toss-up questions will be asked. Contestants must buzz in to earn the right to answer the question.

The winning team in the senior division has the opportunity to represent Michigan in the national dairy quiz bowl competition held during the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Ky., in November.


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