MSU Dairy Youth

MSU Dairy Challenge

Published: 2012-05-10
Updated: 2012-12-12


The Dairy Challenge allows the Michigan State University students to combine homework and Holsteins.

Dr. Miriam Weber Nielsen
"It is an opportunity for our students to take what they have learned in classes or in their previous experience and apply it to a real life dairy farm."

The students were competing in one of four divisions:  Novice, Advanced, Ag Tech and Vet School.

Max Dunneback
"You need the whole classroom setting to learn the numbers, what they should be, how to be, how to run things, you know. How to basically understand the cow."

Jillian Holdwick
"I myself, learn better when we have got the on farm experience. It is nice to have the book knowledge when you get to places like here, because you know what you are looking for. It is not necessarily, okay, what is a dry cow? Or what is a rolling herd average? Or what am I looking for in a milking procedure?  We know that, so book knowledge needs to come before the farm type of thing."

The event allowed competitors to network with sponsors.

Krista Beeker
"Long term I think that networking is really important. You know, some of the judges, they have been in the dairy industry for a long time. So being able to network with them and kind of put myself out these as someone who will be graduating soon."

Dr. Kevin Dill
"It gives us a chance to see them in their working clothes, under practical conditions, so that we can evaluate how well they might do in a similar situation during employment."

Matt Wood
"If you are involved in Dairy Challenge, you get the opportunity to interact with a lot of the new young leaders that are going to be in the dairy industry and you get the opportunity to interact and find the students that are really going to be the leaders of the future in the dairy industry."

This year’s Dairy Challenge was at the Nobis Dairy Farm. Kerry Nobis did not mind hosting 80 potential critics.

Kerry Nobis
"Having the eighty odd eyes and ears walking around your farm picking things apart, that is not a bad thing. We should be able to call something positive out of that, without question."

Henry Reinart
"And just the fact that these farmers are just willing to open their farms up to better themselves, that to me is a really good idea."